Jayant Jadhav

My metabolism has always been the same from my childhood until my teenage and it wasn’t a problem till the time, I realized being the only skinny in my friend’s circle of my graduation year. That was the time I had to take an action about it and achieve my desired fit body.
I came across Fit Forever a fitness studio suggested by one of my friends as the most prominent fitness studio in Thane and became more confident about their results after viewing their website and reviews. I visited the studio and learned about their practices which made me convinced about trusting them and starting my new exciting journey towards fitness. My weight was not shifting from 40kg got improved with fit 69-70 a proper weight suitable to my age. I never thought of achieving such great results only from 20% exercise and 80% nutrition composition from healthy nutritional breakfast and perfect meal plan by Fit Forever. I assume myself lucky for being able to get in touch with Fit Forever and achieving my aim of a fit lifestyle and will keep recommending ones like me.

Uma Nair

I am a 66-year-old but a strong believer in staying fit and not carry the tag of being old. I always desired to be fit even in my 60s and once I am, I was not fit the way I wanted to be. I know how much an unfit lifestyle will affect my old age which is why I had to start practicing on it and then I came across a very authentic site online with the best reviews, Fit Forever.
Being at this age I wasn’t looking for a strong workout studio and more of a reliable exercise with meal planning and Fit Forever stands on top of it as they practice less and control our diet meals more but with nutritional add up and this was compelling for me to connect with them. The after transformation is unbelievable but amazing to see myself lose 25kgs and at the age of 66, my journey was a new motivation for many and this is going to be the very special thing for me possible only because of Fit Forever.

Sachin Pusalkar

Well, my transformation will make you understand why I had to, being overweight had badly affected my social life as well the other body problems at such young age needed to stop. And then my closest relative suggested to me about Fit Forever, after roaming and check a bunch of gyms and studios I was very much impressed with them. Their previous transformation stories and new improved ways of fitness made me believe in working for my aim.
Being young and surrounded by a variety of junk food was the main reason for excessive weight gain but the best thing was they switched my food consumption with nutritional meals and breakfast that helped me get back to a fit physique.

Deepak Joshi

Having a huge stomach fat is very common for my generation and age but not trying to work on it is the reason most problems come out in our oldies and I had to face them too.
My granddaughter is very fond of fitness and was a part of Fit Forever, she convinced me about not being more pressed on exercises as it would be difficult for me to continue and decided to make me visit the studio.
They practiced fun activities which did not even make me feel that I am exercising or pressuring my body to move and with that my diet was being managed and controlled with only healthy ingredients. I never even thought a fitness routine would be so smooth for me and my tummy fat would decrease at this age.

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